Wednesday, 19 October 2011

whats that button?

Im still working on the hand quilting of the stash and slash purple quilt. Its slow..I am slow..but its is happening gradually.

As an interlude my darling daughter asked me to take up some rather expensive PJamas for short is a feature in my family, we reckon long as our legs reach the floor that's okay. These lovely Mama's and pappa's PJs were long! nice fabric so setting to cut a few inches off the bottoms and hem them was no real problem. Interesting little button down here says I as daughter models them with me scrabbling about on the floor..well at 7 month pregnant she isnt climbing on any tables to let me hem them..cant say I blame her tbh. coming to the conclusion that this pretty little button detail is nice but odd we proceed and turning a nice hem discover that nice little button had a nice hidden tab with button hole to roll up those long even by our diminutive size length legs.....long story short they look great but not as the designer intended ..OOOooopssssss.