Monday, 1 October 2012

Electric cowboy

No less than 3 Electricians have done work at my house, the second one criticised the first one. The second one installed a shower, sorted out a strange tripping of the switches and was last seen having done a temporary fix when the power did keep tripping off, promising to return. Large bills were paid for work done but peace of mind is worth a lot yes? You would think so...................

After a while the tripping off got more and more frequent, the returning electrician looking less and less like turning up...........

Enter Electrician number 3!

First thing he recommends is to replace the consumer unit installed by Electrician number 1...Next thing he says is...did you know you have no trip switch ! Yup turns out the temporary solution to the trip switch, tripping out, you know that major safety feature installed by ALL electricians when wiring up houses.... was to remove it altogether..There by bypassing well SAFETY. 

Electrician number 3 then went on to discover the nastiest looking fix ever, a mess of melted wire and burnt black cable. Right under the boards in the doorway to my bedroom. Call me a drama queen if you like, but waking up burnt to death wasn't how I was planning on spending my future!

The burnt cable lead to the pull cord for the new electric shower, basically the entire bathroom, pipes water etc etc could at any moment been live..Oh and for added expensive peace of mind there was a nice big coil of earth wire just tucked up under the floor boards..Not Earthed, just, yanno lying there.

And just how much cable did this mangled bodge up of wire connection save? about 6 inches, I am not even sure I can work out just how little that amount of cable costs in pounds shillings and pence, but I damn well know how much it could easily have cost in human life.


AyJay said...

I think this is one case where saying OMG is not an over reaction!
Thank goodness you got it sorted before something nasty happened.

Oh - love the title and pic though. Genius :)

Morgaine Christensen said...

I am thinking the word "lawsuit" comes to mind. I am not a sue happy person but this is just horrible and senseless. You paid for shoddy services rendered they need to make it right and to the work correctly! Do they have licensing requirements there? I know a few electricians I could send over to you. OMG this is just sooo wrong!