Saturday, 27 October 2012


I knew it was snowing when I went to bed. bitter cold and thin snow that doesn't really do the fluffy blanket insulating effect, the first snow of winter Autumn. October is meant to be marigold not gold and white ..didnt they get the memo upstairs in the weather department?

When you are a cat that wants to go out at night and your usual exit point is out the window and over a roof its a good job you have 9 lives or sure feet. Suki was most alarmed when getting out at insane o'clock meant a more rapid descent than she is used to. A lot of clattering and skating noises were heard as I closed the window back on her. Im not that mean so I did haul my sleepy self down to check she made it okay. Only to be rushed at by a very grateful sweep who clearly was not impressed that his night out was ruined by this cold white stuff.

I must admit it was pretty looking out one of my bedroom windows though this morning.

That rose is called high hopes and given that it is blooming right outside the upstairs window it is pretty well named.

Archie was less impressed with the snow than Sweep and Daisy refused to go out in it at all.

If it stays this cold it will be a hand quilting day :-) I'm not daft ;)       

                                                           other wise a more of making this .............

Alas I am sure the wool fibres are going to play havoc with my lap top.

Do stay warm, what ever you do today.

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