Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Technology past and present

So, with out a doubt spinning is using old technology, it is partly this which convinces me I should be able to do it!! I even made myself a small niddy nod today, now it that doesnt sound like old technology I dont know what does.

Lately I have used my blackberry to take the snaps I have uploaded onto my blog, its quick instantaneous and so far had not caused me any technological headaches.......I say so far, because dear reader this post was going to be about the plying of wool singles using the old technology of the wheel and instead is turning into a "why the hell does modern techy stuff have a mind of its own" tirade.

For no reason I can fathom my normally biddable phone has decided it cant upload pictures to my lap top any more,or my lap top has decided it wont talk to my phone,not quite sure which is in a huff with shich but I know Im not happy with either of them right now. as for Photo streams and iclouds I could cheerfully strangle the creators of them. I just want things to be simple stop flaming well complicating every damn thing in the universe.!!!!!!

 mean while back in the zen zone a little wool..I ended up emailing myself to get these off the phone.

This one reminds me of ammonites.

Close up it is obvious that I have a long way to go

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