Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic wit

I absolutely loved the Olympic opening ceremony. From its twee bucolic beginning to Paul Macartney's shaky sound at the end. It was so full of typically British humour that I laughed almost all the way through. Even the Columbians in their all white outfits made me chuckle wryly. That will be white like the powder then?

Understated digs at the evil monsters that threaten not just our glorious NHS system but world health, while at the same time celebrating British creative writing! Rowan Atkinson's skit/daydream with its clear (while self deprecating message) that only pillocks cheat!

I laughed at the anti-establishment choices of music and grinned at the reference to Kes and Train Spotting. Having Sir Tim Berners-lee there was a master stroke! The Daniel Craig and The Queen segment was pure genius, and epitomised our quintessentially British willingness to laugh at ourselves.

All the ticket sale and traffic jam cock-ups, all the vast waste of money that these games are, and the false hope or promise that they will in some way miraculously boost the economy was temporarily forgotten in a "Jolly good show!" I expect Danny Boyle will be chuckling all the way to a gong now!

Friday, 27 July 2012

finally done

Finished the childhood quilt, the aneela hoey fabric is still one of my top favourites!

Instead of binding I tucked the edge. Whether I did that the right way or not I'm not sure but I got it done and hopefully with a bit of persuasion once it is washed it will square up nicely. Those bubbles took a lot of time, and achey shoulders!

Yes I know far from perfect but if I was a perfectionist I'd never have started sewing at all!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


almost there with the bubbles on the..... heck what did I call this one again?