Saturday, 13 August 2011

pups and patterns

For a sewing tray it makes a neat little laptop. shame its not always well behaved.
Of course much of that is my fault!

gratuitous pic of puppies..

and it is grey AJ greyyyyyyy :P call yer' self computer guru!!! ~ducks~
Most of it so far is Moda Petite ecole. with a few additions thanks to Caroline and our trip to Embsay. I'm saving up now for Harrogate Sept 2nd. We country girls know how to have fun.

I must not eat toast over the laptop. I must not eat toast over the lap top..

Friday, 12 August 2011

twinkle twinkle

yes yes browns again!

Nothing more English

There is nothing quite so English sounding as afternoon tea with the Vicar. Unless of course it is afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches with the Vicar!

Of course the ulterior motive to all this delicious sandwich and yummy cheese cake scoffing was meant to be sewing. Being the obsessive compulsive fabric tidier that I can be (at times)I had a ball rooting through Caroline's scrap/fat quarter box. No NoI refuse to believe that was all scrap category. The very generous Caroline even donated a few bits my way, I got the real bargain cheese cake AND fabric! Thank you Caroline, of course they immediately got utilised in the carpenter star quilt I am growing.I say growing because the pattern is all in my head and very liable to change and grow rather organically.

my imperfect points I think may be due to my less than perfect pressing....I will have to experiment, but on the whole Im not too downhearted and the tiny hexes are organically growing too..handy to just do a few when I'm anxious.

I actually did some sewing!!! okay it was only a couple of hexes but hey its something and besides the rest of the time I was either stuffing my face or having fabric envy..(that is a sin you know!!)

more tea Vicar?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


These four are enough to keep anyone busy...

but having finally finished the quilting on the zigzag I needed to start something new,the stack n slash took one day,and reminded me that maths is my greatest failing.

Not sure I have enough lifetime left to make a hex quilt on this scale!!