Wednesday, 3 August 2011


These four are enough to keep anyone busy...

but having finally finished the quilting on the zigzag I needed to start something new,the stack n slash took one day,and reminded me that maths is my greatest failing.

Not sure I have enough lifetime left to make a hex quilt on this scale!!


AyJay said...

Cute puppies :)

Lovely quilt - makes me think of lavender flowers

Yay for hexagons, maths and geometry :D

AyJay said...

Had a closer look now.

Definitely cute puppies :)

The zigzag quilt is great - like lavender & heather .. very 'moor'ish (groan!)

You would need a lot of hexes - maybe a team effort with another quilter?

em said...

Reminds me of being very small.

Anonymous said...

Hexes are fun when you are waiting.. keep some in your purse for doctors appointments etc.. you'll get there!