Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Warning Rant in progress

Warning this is a totally non-quilty rant, do not read further if rants offend you!

I am sick to death of people thinking its just fine to take advantage of others, especially when the other is me or mine. I am heartily sick of all the people who think that all the nasty jobs in life get done by robots with no feelings. Who are therefore an easy target for nit picking small minded thoughtless criticism.

The country side has mud in it! the country side has dark little houses in the main, and wood fires that put out dust and animals! it is not an operating theatre. and IF people are going to insist on complaining they should at least have the courtesy to leave things as they found them and not in the disgusting state that some actually do.

I am equally sick of people that assume older people can be fobbed off with service that leaves them with no place to turn. With companies that treat them like they are stupid just because they struggle to hear or understand a foreign accent. I am sick of callous thoughtless selfish people and the harm they blithely do to others.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

yorkshire agricultural society event

So I have a sore throat from shouting all day!!!

The YAS hold an event for schools where small work-shop introductions to various country side businesses that offer various educational links or have visitor centres. Another local business was short on some one to speak knowledgeably on poultry and egg production. Aiming the talks at 7-8 year olds meant nothing to gruesome but with out sugar coating either. Basic information that might spark their interest in animal welfare and husbandry. So muggins, I, got asked to help out. In reality I actually enjoyed the process, I can waffle, talk for hours on just about anything once I get going, so 40 min workshops where the kids also get to handle chicks and stroke the odd chicken was right up street.

Myself, together with Jodie and very pleasant Australian girl, A rather grumpy Marran cockerel and 3 of his ladies, three chicks and assorted fresh and old eggs (inc a few goose eggs) spent the day waffling, explaining the odd fact about eggs and hens. I must admit I did feel slightly pleased with myself when I was able to enlighten another company specialising in hatching chicks in incubators, on how to sex chicks.

I'd have liked to have told them how the male chicks were destroyed and how inhumane (IMNSHO) the mainstream egg producers are in their pursuit of profit. Short that, of telling the boys of each group that they were not so useful, leaving much to the imagination, was as close as I was able to get.

If nothing else they went home with a few bits of trivia to annoy their mums, Nancy and her kid, also part of the Hazel Brow set up, took the whole business in their stride, old hands at this educational events stuff, but like me, they too were rather tired by the end.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It aint Westie clipping!

not sure who was more scared of the clippers me or the sheep!

Being short doesnt give you enough reach plus these girls are stronger than they look..Still the wild gang got clipped and now there are just the ryeland girls to do....I really must learn to spin..quite fancy having a go but then I dont knit so what would I do with the wool? I used to have a drop spindle years back, perhaps it is time to dig one out again.

not the neatest result in the world but its done

Friday, 8 June 2012

Another great local artist

Nolon Stacey is a superb pencil artist.
I bought the Westie of course. His work is beautifully observed and at great prices for the prints I felt spoilt for choice! There are some great drawings of hens that I could make wall space for.... why not drop on in to his website and have a look for your self.

Monday, 4 June 2012


I really love these sculptures by a very talented local artist Graculus . Well worth looking at. The Stephenson's Rocket really does remind me of Noggin the Nog

sorry the pictures are not great, I took them walking home from the car boot sale. Where I picked up 3 boxed of embroidery threads and a printed sampler for £10..bargain ehh? I am starting to think that car boot sales should be renamed "Cr*p I have collected and want rid of displays" Usually there's a good few bargains to be snapped up (admittedly I was up late not feeling very well today, so the bargains had most likely gone. I picked up one other item but I might send that off to William so wont spoil the surprise. He will love it, just not sure his mum will thank me!

Friday, 1 June 2012

tidying up

I treated myself to some machine quilting gloves, they make a real difference, previously I was making do and the strain on my shoulders was noticeable. with these, while not exactly effortless it does make manoeuvring the quilt under the machine a lot easier!!!

Another little treat was a trip to the charity shops, Im still fiscally mean when it comes to quilt back material, old cotton sheets and duvets have the width I want and make affordable backs. That pink is so soft you would swear it was really quilters cloth!