Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Warning Rant in progress

Warning this is a totally non-quilty rant, do not read further if rants offend you!

I am sick to death of people thinking its just fine to take advantage of others, especially when the other is me or mine. I am heartily sick of all the people who think that all the nasty jobs in life get done by robots with no feelings. Who are therefore an easy target for nit picking small minded thoughtless criticism.

The country side has mud in it! the country side has dark little houses in the main, and wood fires that put out dust and animals! it is not an operating theatre. and IF people are going to insist on complaining they should at least have the courtesy to leave things as they found them and not in the disgusting state that some actually do.

I am equally sick of people that assume older people can be fobbed off with service that leaves them with no place to turn. With companies that treat them like they are stupid just because they struggle to hear or understand a foreign accent. I am sick of callous thoughtless selfish people and the harm they blithely do to others.

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