Saturday, 19 April 2014


Yesterday was gorgeous wasn’t it? The sheep in the field that partly surrounds my house were soaking up the sunshine and warmth. These are not my sheep, my girls are a bit further away. I was pottering about when the neighbor said he thought there was a lamb stuck. Turned out that some naughty lamb had been playing king of the castle on my garden wall.

I don't know how she managed it but she had brought the outer skin of the wall down on herself and was literally immured. Walled up under the wall. My heart sank, not a sound was coming from the lamb and no mum was bleating in distress, but sure enough a nose and foot could be seen. After much wriggling and careful removing of stone, rolling some stones away from her premature tomb, her front legs were reachable.

It took several minutes before with baited breath she was delivered from the stones. There was a sense of this being a second birth, she needed freeing and with no noise coming from her the possibility that she was fatally wounded or dead by now was quite high. At last though, just enough of the stones gave way, in the right direction that she could be pulled free. Thin and hungry looking she could only have been a few days old, far too young to be cavorting up and under stone walls alone.

There followed a  few moments, while she  lay dazed and shocked on the lush green of the grass, with gentle coaxing to see if she could stand alone. Anxious moments of waiting  to see if she had any possible fractures? wouldn’t be surprising after all with a wall coming down on her, but no, she rose to her feet and after a few wobbly steps found her voice, crying for mum. Mum was totally oblivious and quite some way away munching away happily. with a little guidance though they were finally reunited and the lamb fed hungrily.

That happened yesterday, Good Friday, and the resonance of the Easter story made me smile. Happy Easter, what ever your faith and belief.