Monday, 15 October 2012

I bet I can do that

So having run out of the coloured ryeland wool and having washed and picked part of a fleece from one of my own girls it was time to turn this......
in to this.....
I have been asked a couple of times WHY???? After all anyone who knows me knows I never mastered knitting, my tension was never relaxed enough for knitting and frankly following a pattern was just not me, something to do with all that counting I suspect. No quite honestly I am a bit of a suck it n see kinda girl. give it a go and see what happens.

 I can crochet, since that seems to be just going for it with out having to stick to anyone else's pattern or instructions, a little more creative maybe? And I did do a little simple weaving when in Art college so I have a rudimentary knowledge of weaving..Plus of course a plentiful supply raw fleece..which is a big help.

More than anything though I think this spinning thing, like everything else I have tackled over the years has been done just because I wanted to, wanted to see if I could, or wanted to experience the process. I tend to see things and think.."heck how do they do that", closely followed by a "I bet I could do that". Its the sheer pleasure of achievement that gets to me. There is a magic in creating something new out of stuff..wool stuff in this case.

I know I am lucky in being able to at least try all these mad things, but what is life without new challenges and goal? The spinning is soothing my soul right now, it may be far from perfect, but heck I have only done a few days worth, but I feel peaceful doing it, I also feel that same sense that quilting gives me, of being part of a continuous stream of women throughout history that have added the little touches of softness and luxury to life.

And if all else fails I do know some folk who do knit !!!

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