Thursday, 18 October 2012

putting the boys to work

When showing the boys the neighbouring pen of 2 girls got them quite excited. As it turned out those 2 girls were looking for a boyfriend and the boys were very happy to volunteer their services. The girls are from Mowbray School so are  just the nice sort of well educated Ryeland that can add a certain class to the proceedings (apologies for the puns). One is a delightful coloured Ryeland and reminds me of my very first Ryeland Tup Fudge. His harem in those days consisted of shetland ladies, which made a really nice cross.

Once the girls and boys were settled we humans had a bit of a coffee and spinning break. They were keen to have a look at the spinning wheel did not have to force them too much at all. I may even end up doing rudimentary demo's with the wheel in the future, lets call that blind leading the blind for now shall we. There were suggestions of alpaca fleece bandied about in lieu of stud fees so who knows what I may be boring you with soon :-)

Patch takes his job as the teaser tup very seriously, he is such a conscientious boy .

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