Friday, 5 October 2012

mini irish chain

Is a mini Irish chain a leprechaun ? I really enjoyed this little quilt. partly I think because I had always wanted to do an Irish chain quilt, and secondly because its so darn frugal. It used some of my favourite fabrics. I'd given the zig zag quilt away so these tiny scraps were all I had left of the fabric.

Even the back is pretty. The white was also scrap fabric with the backing being left over re-purposed old cotton sheet, the majority of which backed the Harlequin quilt. I liked the free flowing rather organic feel of the feathers in the border, to me they are ferns, in fact I threw in the odd seed pod element to highlight that. Also handy for filling gaps :-)

I planned ahead on this one and added hanging corners. A dowel will support the quilt and voila all it needs is a bit of string and I have a wall hanging.

Meanwhile in the sheep department, the boys now have their own harems, 8 girls each plus a half bred girl now they just need to do their job. I must say they were pretty keen, although the girls were less impressed. To the victor the spoils eh? Eeeps bought a spinning wheel on Ebay...Now all I have to do is go collect it from Gloucestershire..

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