Monday, 29 October 2012

experiments in pink.

It had no doubt escaped your notice but there was a lot of brown going on with that wool..and you know how periodically I just have to escape the brown!!!

Time for a bit of experimentation, since these are baby steps in spinning and all things related I stuck with simple dye, Dylon to be exact, since it is easy to buy  in most places.

Since I was experimenting dying fleece I thought I might as well have a go with some cotton too..

There doesnt seem to be a big difference between the cotton and the fleece over all though the tips of the locks did take on much more colour. I am guessing that there was less residual lanolin at the tips.

Later I will try dying some spun wool...for now I want the variation.


Morgaine Christensen said...

Umm...didn't the ancients fix the dye in wool with hot urine? Yes, filled with such suspect trivia, I am!

Quiltycats said...

Valuable stuff urine...everything from an astringent to wash the lanolin from the raw fleece,to a handy mordant. in the wool industry it was also used by fullers, the woven wool cloth was soaked in stale urine and trampled, the process felts the fibre and creates a much softer wool fabric. When it comes to dyeing the Vikings used stale urine to bleach their hair blonde ..

a good few medical uses spring to mind too.