Sunday, 28 October 2012

money and moaning

No snow this morning thank goodness..

My lovely sister knitted this for me using the first wool I made..I think its rather neat. Thank you Pat.

The Liquorice alsorts quilt is being packed up and will soon be in the post. 

After a cautious foray into techy land, aka how does Paypal work when you are receiving not spending, US Dollars became GB Pounds and was actually easier than I imagined.  Thank goodness some one knew what they were doing.....I do hope you enjoy it G if you are reading this ;)

We have a saying here "coals to Newcastle" which pretty much covers any event where you take something to where there's more of said item than you can shake a stick at...selling ice to Eskimos maybe is the equivalent?

Sending a quilt to America feels a bit like that..

Kaffe Fassett shot cotton solids

Mean while back in my sewing land there has been a little of this going on..Kaffe Fassett shot cottons, I sneaked in accidentally managed to buy a charm pack.

Of course I really, really, really lust after the oakshot fabrics entire collection, but that may take a while to justify, so a  charm pack was about my limit....It will be interesting to compare both fabrics if and when I ever get some .......

So I got this pack from Cotton Patch who usually do a great service and by and large I would recommend them, but on this occasion there were a few niggly things that got to me .The yellow in this pack (top of the pile so hard to miss) had a dirty black line down one side.  Okay I can live with washing that out no big deal really......but yesterday when I began this project I measured the patches..while all are a uniform size they are not 5 inches..the whole pack is off by 1/8th .  In a craft playing, where tiny measurements make a lot of difference it would have been nice if they had been a nice round 5 inches to begin with, that way any messing up is my own fault...something I rather excel at.

I may be nitpicking here but it was a disappointment . The fabric its self is lovely and light, very ,very light and the reds particularly are sumptuous, I am only doing simple half square triangles.

The grey is Kona Ash that I think I bought at the same time and it is lovely.

That's enough moaning from me.


AyJay said...

Hmmmm - is that brown I see ????

Quiltycats said...

shhhh! lets just call it bronze.