Sunday, 30 September 2012

and the winner is.............

A grey wet day and I was almost ready to avoid chance.

So this is the after..can you remember what we looked like before?

The boys take a well earned rest.
the boys were really very well behaved given how bustling and busy it all was..They did well..1st and male in breed and reserve breed champion.

I was so darn nervous but they took it all in their stride and rather fancied the girls next door, who as it happens were looking for a nice boy friend...The boys may have their real reward soon..

There was the usual lovely things in the fair, and I bought a small drop spindle and some carded fleece, not much but enough to have a play.

The judge was very helpful, as were many members of the Ryeland flock society and I have to admit now that it is all over..Phewwwwwwwwwwww glad thats over..LOL..All that primping was hard work but they looked good and I'm glad to say I didn't let them down.
I even got to bring the rosettes home.

one of the lovely hangings by the Bradford spinners society.

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