Friday, 14 September 2012

Painted quilting?

So when I wasn't sewing or sheep washing (or generally lazing about) I was doing a spot of painting. My old friend Jane had donated a pine corner cupboard to my daughter when she got her first house, after a brace of house moves the cupboard came to me for storage and well, you know how these things go, it worked its way into my dining room during a furniture rearranging session.

Since Jane and her DH was heading over for a catch up over wine I decided I'd camouflage paint the cupboard.

By happy accident I happened to have the same green in a tester pot as the green in the childhood quilt made up of Aneela Hoeys Little Apples fabric, that was already sat on a chair right next to the cupboard.

I did confess to Jane that it was her cupboard when after about an hour or so she admired it. Big mouth that I am I even confessed as to WHY I'd painted it! I'd make a hopeless spy :(

A small version of the quilt is about to make its way via the post to William.

Meanwhile back in the bedroom sewing department I have been at the other end of the spectrum to the brights of the Harlequin QT.

There is a liquorice allsorts feel to this one. Unfortunately I have run out of black, a gross under estimation on my part about how much black would be needed to balance to shocking pink. OOOppps.

Glimpse of my sewing cave!

Huge thank you to Kate who had some black in her stash and very kindly let me steal borrow/beg some of it. Its great having quilty friends locally! Thank you Kate.

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