Saturday, 22 September 2012

100 not out

So my 100th blogpost, I had all these random thoughts, a celebration of all the quilts I have sewn perhaps? a new look to the blog maybe? A little self congratulation on having reached a milestone possibly?

 And what do I end up with???

 That's what, a big fat, you are only as good as your last quilt style rant!

Woe is me in full sail!.

First off I thought yeah a little sewing to get me going..rightttttt so what happens?

Spot the difference!

If there is one thing I hate it is having to change needles..the second thing is WHY I have to change needles so one needle bent, maybe time for a little defluff and general tinker?

The tension was shot the thread kept breaking in short a sewing nightmare...

After yet another broken needle and a mess of threads on the back side I just gave up. In my desire to make this one tough as old boots its kicking me with its boots on :( I think it is most likely a case of the fabric is too heavy weight, the thread too nasty, remember I ran out of white? and may be a little bit of sewists fatigue :(

SO there you have it Blog post number 100 and true to form I am whining and feeling sorry for myself. You know what they say, want to give God a laugh? tell him your plans.

Oh well maybe 101 start of the next century of posts .

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