Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12 12 12

I can't remember if I showed you the bunny that stayed with me as a paying guest but just incase I didnt (I really should look back but I'm being lazy.

A few other bits and bobs have absorbed my time..

Two of these, lovely and squishy book covers. They are artists note books with lovely cartridge paper and the ribbons hold them closed. The brown  bronze fabric was some I bought this year at Embsay and the pink last year. Sooner or latter every thing gets used.

I also made one of these. I made myself a big bag a few years ago, and when ever I go anywhere it gets crammed with my clothes, ipad and anything else I need. It turned out to be a really handy bag. Hopefully this new one will be just as useful to its eventual owner. Well it is nearly christmas  ..

Oh and just incase you think I gave up....

I think its lace weight since it is 18 WPI ok some bits are a little thicker than others but not massively, 4 1/2oz but I have yet to measure the yardage. Ryeland and I dyed it with Dylon hand dye...not sure if Id use that again.

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