Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dye another day

So it started with this, I carded some of the Ryeland and pulled off a roving, by far my favourite way to remove carded fibre from the drum carder as it happens.

From there I soaked the roving and dotted it with the silk paints I was dubious about....:(

I deliberately left spaces just to see how far capillary action would take the dye/paint answer is not that far really. It may  travel on silk but on my roving it didn't move a lot with out some additional squishing.

After a bit of wrapping and smooshing  the intestine like package got unceremoniously plonked in a steamer..

Now this is where I think I chicken out in the dying process. I dont know how long I dare or need to steam the wool? my failure could be a result of just not being brave enough to leave it long enough.

The final (still wet) result was after considerable rinsing and getting out lots and lots and lots of untaken dye .

The magenta was not too umm passable, but green and yellow were really rather a waste of time.

so there we are maybe I will dye another day and maybe I wont.

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