Sunday, 12 May 2013

Did you miss me? did you ? did you?

well so did I!!!

I seem to have had one ailment after another lately and combined with baby sitting, for my adorable grandchildren, a couple of days a week and spinning etc etc I just have not had the energy nor ummppphhh to post so heres stuff to amuse you.

As everyone knows "I am not a knitter" in fact I never knit a single thing in my life before, basically because every time I ever tried Id have the wool so tense that all I ever achieved was split wool and a fight with 2 needles! well all this spinning it would be daft not to give it another go, much to my surprise and astonishment I actually managed to finish a shawl!!! I died it too, but as you can see the dye just did its own serendipitous thing.

I also got hold of some mohair, initially the goats owner and I were in serious doubt about the salvagability (is that a word?) of the fibre, but with a very hot wash and a LOT of fluffing and picking out of all manner of  veggy matter, including oats! it did come clean and spinnable.

I am sure I have done lots more stuff, but for now that's all.


Caroline H said...

I DID miss you! I was going to email you if you hadn't posted anything by today. i hope all is well, and see you soon.

AyJay said...

Glad you've got enough ummppphhh to post today.
The shawl looks very impressive to my (non-knitting) eyes and the dying worked out very well indeed.
As to the goat - looks like all your hard work resulted in some very lovely wool. Any plans for it now?

Morgaine Christensen said...

Nice Job! Glad to see you back...about time :P I would say you did a good job on it. The colors are very nice IMHO, but what do I know.