Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fabric, patchwork chicks and an olde naked man

How's that for an attention grabbing tittle. More on a great day out will follow but for now suffice to say much fabric was admired and bought. The fabric section of the embsay leg of the tour grabbed my attention and good prices and for me a decent variety to choose from was refreshing. We discovered a dire shortage of solids and reds in particular.
After a light lunch we headed off again, adventurously sans map, until C stopped and bought a great bargain £2 map half price. Though it certainly wasn't needed as like a homing pigeon, the call of fabric and quilting ephemera called us on. arriving at patchwork chicks

You know what its like when no matter where you go you meet someone you know? C is one of those who always seems to bump into someone. By this time we weren't even in Yorkshire any more!!! Yours truly was having a moment of "over the rainbowness".

Still no reds to speak of.

Finally we headed back determined to find ice cream, a quest is a quest, and by now it was almost our duty to find ice cream yes? Yes that's what we thought too. Heading back into God's own County we found ice cream and a nice bench to sit and enjoy it on, and that is where the naked man comes in.Ye olde naked man
Directly across the street. Personally I still think he was wearing the wrought iron equivalent of 17C Y-fronts.

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AyJay said...

Sounds like a great day out - apart from the ancient y-fronts! *shudders*