Thursday, 12 May 2011


I havent posted anything here since Easter. I havent really done a lot of sewing either but I did get to go peek at a second quilt exhibition with Caroline and another expert quilter Kate.

When I am not cringing because I know how poorly my hand stitching compares Im avidly soaking up the visuals. The fabric choices people make fascinate me. What makes your heart leap in the fabric department?

I think for me I like colours and fabrics in the same way I like paint, or paintings I suppose is more accurate. The bright and light palette in an impressionist painting drawing my attention sooner than the dark sombre colours of a constable. I think its the light, the way paint and fabric can reflect light and create a rich atmosphere. colour that is pure attracts me colour that invigorates.

I appreciate the primary colours their simplicity and honesty, strange word to pick perhaps but the primary colours shout "we are basic honest fundamental to the world" Caroline I must say uses them to perfection!

So next adventure will be a fabric shopping trip and I'm very excited to see what is available and what choices we all make.

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AyJay said...

Very interesting! I'm definitely more in the Impressionist camp than Constable :) - also the quality of light in the pre-Raphaelite paintings is something I love too, such as Flaming June.