Tuesday, 26 April 2011

An easter message

Here in the UK we were blessed by some fantastic warm weather, great for lambing although some rain now to get the grass growing would be good for the growing lambs.

Every birth is remarkable, precious and when you lose one its truly sad. The ewes mourn, they know their babies should be moving and bleating and they try so hard to get them to respond.

Easter Sunday we lost a lamb, were lucky enough to find a lamb in need of a new mum and began the gory process of resurrecting the ewes lost lamb. OK it isnt resurrection in the biblical sense but restoring the ewes role as a mother, hearing her softly bleat to the imposter as if he just might be hers and finally accepting him is a resurrection of sorts. Its in some way a fulfilment of the promise her pregnancy made, life affirming in a way that washes some of the sadness of the lost lamb away. It was for me at least, profound.

The death of a child, that grief never leaves you entirely, but the blessing of a chance to pour your love into a new life does ease it somewhat. Me? I'm pouring mine into a handsome chap who is almost walking! Grandma privilege says I get to send him home too :)

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