Friday, 1 April 2011

I seem to be playing catch up with pictures and posts.

Yesterday I bought a new rotary cutter, while this make isnt the poshest or most well known brand its serviceable and the blades are blades. I also got a new blade for my old one. Oh the sheer pleasure of zipping through fabric with a clean new blade, there is something poetical about the crisp cut.

So I have been cutting fabric!

I love the jewel-like colours of this Kaffe Fasette fabric (there is a little Amy Butler in there too). Put with white they really zing!

Today also saw the birth of our first lambs, twin Rylands, one boy one girl who looked wet cold and miserable. Now they are tucked up with mum in the hay barn and with luck the beautiful weather of last week will return. What is it with sheep that they ignore good weather and lamb in the foul wet cold? This daft mum even chose to give birth in the mud! I will of course get round to adding a pic later, see what I mean about playing catch up?

The hens are laying like its Easter, no wonder easter egg hunts were invented this devious lot find all sorts of places to lay their bounty. There are only so many eggs a body can consume so Im hunting down recipes to cope with the unsold glut. Never one for baking much its something of a challenge. So fatless sponges and pavlovas and quiche and of course Lemon curd, hmm lemon curd ice cream any one?

Just incase the picture doesn't show it one of those eggs is a lovely duck egg blue, laid by one of the two columbines. Most of the ladies who lay are rhode island types rescued from battery farms a few are black rocks or light sussex. They come running soon as they see anyone in hopes of getting fed, greedy girls.

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AyJay said...

Good luck with the lambs - and chuck some of that lemon curd this way if it's going begging! Hehe