Saturday, 2 April 2011

It never rains but

It crashes with thunder and lightning!

Some time in the dead of night a horrendous thunderstorm hit. And it did hit, wiping out the electricity. Most of which will condescend to come back on with the flick of the circuit breaker all that is except the sockets in the main part of the house. One advantage of this hose has always been that it has 2 separate electric supplies and 2 water supplies, well they branch off just outside so enter separately or I'd be gnashing my teeth by now.

Thankfully despite my fears that they might lamb out of sheer shock none of the girls gave birth during it. Both sets of twins are well.I did plan to write a post about the birth and put up some very dark pictures I managed to take last night but that can wait now.

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AyJay said...

Woah! That's terrible. Hope your girls are all okay today and you got some sleep.