Sunday, 10 April 2011

shows and tell

Together with a quilting friend, aka Caroline the quilty vicar, and mum, I went to the Threadbangers show. Situated in Highington Co Durham there was a wonderful array of quilts. The show was very well attended and well worth the visit. What surprised and to be honest pleased me was the number of machine quilted quilts. I always worried that machine quilting might be the less acceptable choice for "proper" quilters. I felt encouraged too, that not every point in the room was perfect. I personally have this on going battle with perfect points, some days no matter how hard I try they elude me. What the show did do, was inspire me to keep plodding on.

There wasn't a whole cloth quilt in sight which was also a surprise. It is wonderful to see how many women are actually out there quilting in a relatively local area.

What seemed clear was that each was doing what she enjoyed, and thats just what I intend to do!
I also picked up a little bundle of fabric that will go nicely with my next project.

here are a few pics of the show.

So despite having lost my favourite pair of glasses and struggling to see at the distance I really need to sew or write I have been messing about with fabric and ok, yes missing a few points and being imperfect but all in all I don't mind long as I'm doing sewing.
And let me tell you, without my glasses it aint easy!

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AyJay said...

Glad you enjoyed the show - and the zigzag quilt is looking great!