Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Having been a good girl and put off starting a new quilt until the last one was completed I got myself all nice and calm, zen like dont you know;) to begin. Fabric laid out neatly a little treasury of fabrics I had indulged in Kaffe Fasset all proper quilting fabric like the proper sewists would use.Oh yes I had everything set, why I even remembered to go slow enough to take the requisite yummy pile of fat quaters pictures.

Then what? I hear you eagerly enquire.

Then I discover that after a few cuts, 2 1/2 strips neatly rather reluctant to sever said strip form FQ I had to admit defeat my rotary cutter had decided that it longer enjoyed this cutting lark and it had decided that in the interests of driving me potty it would be blunt. Yes to put it bluntly in fact it is now a non-functioning non cutting rotary cutter. My zen like calm fled! Back to all systems normal then. So thats cars broken down shower broken down and now rotary cutter playing the "I want a new blade" game. It is a bad sewist that blames her tools so Im just going to pretend I wasnt ready to start today and cultivate more serenity. Oh and head for the shops to get more blades or an upgrade on my rotary cutter....I wonder can you get upgrades on life locally?

Meanwhile here are a few pictures to prove I'm not making it up that I did indeed finish my son's quilt!

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AyJay said...

When the going gets blunt, the Zen go shopping!
(The quilt looks god though :) )