Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Spring will come

In my effort to look positively towards sunnier days I have made myself a dress. I was always a bit of a Laura Ashley fan with something of a hiatus when they went modern :( I know this fabric probably wasn't really designed to be dress weight but it works just fine for me. Look out for it in future quilts! The dress its self is a pattern from the V&A and can be found here Mine didn't quite seem to turn out as streamlined ....I was tempted to put the dress on Dolly, my ex-shop display dummy that with some jiggery pokers 2 rolls of duct tape and one hysterical afternoon spent with Em too on a more me shape. Much like a dummy version of Edwin Drood, Dolly is now weightier than I am although not by too much. Unfortunately it is enough that she is no longer any use for fitting my size. This is a good thing far as my own weight goes although I'm still well padded myself.....If you too are tempted to make a duct tape there are tutorials on the net.. To be honest my results were not good enough to really recommend, but still nothing ventured nothing gained, right?
As for the dress, as my dad would have said "It fits where it touches" ;) So if spring ever does come the dress might even see the light of day!


dreamzhappenquiltz said...

I love the sun dress! Beautiful fabric .. would do well in my Florida heat!

Quiltycats said...

Laughs there you go again reminding me I want to live in warmer land...Actually we have been blessed with a few days sun here...miracles can happen you see?

em said...

Would just like to say, it looks even better on now I've seen it!
Wish I could be doing some sewing but snowed under with work, yuk!