Monday, 28 March 2011

do you......

A/ Start a new quilt when you get inspired or B/ discipline yourself to finish the work in progress?

There is always the excitement of commencing a quilt then the rapid progress as blocks come together, then the quilting part...Its the quilting part I have a love hate relationship with...My brain and imagination is convinced I can do it but my hands say I am not accurate enough and as mistakes sneak in I get disheartened. It is around this point in the process I start looking round for my next attempt quilt design. This time though I have disciplined myself to press on with the quilting. My son was worried that hand quilting would leave the quilt I am making for him a little too vulnerable to timmy the rabbit and brambles the kitten, his children pets. I have compromised with machine quilting but risking as far apart as the Hobbs batting assures me is safe. Over all the result looks okay, and I'm at the stitching down the binding stage...But ohhhhh the siren song of uncut fabric desperately calling me to start something new!
Isn't he cute? I bet you were expecting a picture of a quilt:D

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AyJay said...

Very funny :) - kind of how I feel about chocolate - finish the bar I'm on or start that lovely fresh fudge cake?????