Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Baby Boom

Finally I have finished the hand quilting on the purple. Ironic eh one day to make the top and goodness knows how many months to do the quilting. It will be going to my new great nephew Noah! Not a really baby style quilt but hopefully it will be serviceable and enjoyed by him and his mum.

Of course I am itching to make a girly pink quilt now that the most beautiful girl in the world has arrived. Eloise, made her d├ębut Dec 7th, it was a joy and a privilege to be down there with William while poor parents were going through the painful part. Ice pink and white fabric with I love Grandma all over it? no? Just as well clever Em has steered me into more purples. Fabric for Christmas what more could a sewist want? OK apart from a new sewing machine! There's always next year.

Soon as I figure out how to upload pictures from the new camera on to my laptop I will, I will really I will! no really I will get to it!

Far as the hand quilting, I still haven't found and thimbles that really suit me, so sore finger ends tended to slow the whole business down. I think I maybe cheated too, since the fabric was so busy I quilted from the back, not very conventional of me I know, but I am not known for conventionality. I doodled really, trying out feathers and wreaths of feathers and hearts and circles and wiggly lines. The actual quilting took on an organic look which I dont think the pictures I have taken will show too well. The main thing though is that I did do it!!!! and while it isn't the biggest quilt in the world, I seem to have a natural size, it was a good way to develop my nascent technique.

The red, grey and cream top is still a WIP as are the hexies. so plenty to be going on with.

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Ash said...

The family just gets bigger doesn't it!! Congrats on getting through the quilting, new year and I've finally begun to let my quilting re-surface, how to fit in the spinning as well - time, what time? :-)

Best wishes for 2012 to you and yours.