Thursday, 19 January 2012

A star and coffee

Can only mean one thing!

I end up scratching about for ways to describe which quilt top I am working on, when I talk to anyone about what I am doing. The rather witty and clever AJ came up with the name for this one. Well that is to say hinted so accurately that even I couldn't not see where his mind was going.

Voila starbucks quilt.

The sun light makes the red look much brighter than it is, Id suggest seeing an earlier picture of the carpenter square portion for more accurate colours. Unfortunately though winter sunshine is great for picture taking winter wind is not. Oh well you get the idea anyway.

(Edited to add: actually on my lap top the colours look closer to reality.)

I will soon be starting on a "not brown" quilt, in fact two. Two small quilts to go on white bed linen covered bunk beds. My first real quilt request/commission(?). Now there is a scary and exciting thought.

1 comment:

AyJay said...

Wohoo! Fame at last :)
I think it's a very appropriate name for the quilt and the coffee colours (nope - definitely not brown!) work well with the red. Love the geometry too :)