Monday, 21 May 2012

60 degrees

This mess will hopefully turn into a quilt. I had to buy a 60 degree quilt ruler (I did really I had to buy it) to make my grandaughter some pink bunting for her up coming christening
Not brown in sight
So it is my duty to use it some more right? yes thats my feeling also. hence the mess of batiks in a myriad of colour that now litter my ironing table. Any normal person would wait and let the last quilt be savoured and the WIP (the carpenter star) progress to the next stage but I am not normal, or maybe I am and all quilty types are this daft? Suffice to say a lot of fabrics that I have had sitting neatly on my stash shelf ended up in a mess of equilateral triangles yesterday.

Chain piecing on my Janome which is really not a well machine.It has to pay a visit to cambridge via Bury st Eds soon, disconcertingly, I am getting mild electric shocks off the metal work, but umm you are okay if you wear rubber soles on your shoes right? Im grounded ! NO? sighs oh well its out with the new in with the old for now then.
how pink is that?

Not too displeased with the bunting and it certainly made things go smoother having the right ruler. I did try to make do but it really was worth the cost.

my poorly Janome

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AyJay said...

Poo Janome - but glad to read that you're not carrying on using it while getting shocks. That's not a good thing!!!!