Tuesday, 8 May 2012

fingers and thimbles

I don't do change very well, oh I like to think I am quite an adaptable kind of girl, but the reality is new throws me out of kilter. The new (behind the scenes)look of blogspot is unsettling.Still that is a minor gripe compared to how life has been lately.Fear not I'm not going to elaborate on the down sides of life here. What I was going to write about before I was distracted by changes in blogspot was thimbles!!!!! I have very sore finger ends right now, and I know if I sewed enough consistently my fingers would form their own thimbles but heckythump its not a pleasant process. I cheat! yes yes I do, I often use my thumb nail and run the risk of the needle sliding painfully under my nail. its a risky business this sewing lark. More than once today I have stabbed my thumb with the blunt end of my needle.a far more painful event than the sharp end seems to be.I swear I actually hear the skin pop as the eye of the needle punctures the by now sand paper like surface. I have tried the usual metal thimbles, and clover leather ones that are meant to be a snug ring but nothing seems to suit my fingers, I have even tried wearing them about the house just to get used to them ..nope doesnt work for me, nor I hasten to add does substituting elastoplast or electrical tape for skin! Any bright ideas?


em said...

leather gloves???

AyJay said...

or just the tips of leather gloves, maybe held on with a laccy band or some ribbon?