Tuesday, 29 May 2012


A very special girl had her big day on Sunday. The sun shone, as the mini-heat wave continued my own mum, had picked up a bottle of Pims for me, what a great drink that is for summer parties, so very English!

Eloise, was christened where her mum and dad were married (I was married there too as it happens) and William had his Christening, what seems only a blink of an eye ago. I'd swopped out the blue ribbon on the gown I'd made for him, with a pink ribbon, actually there is a lot of the blue still under the pink....

so baby number three is pretty much good to go :) ~well a grandma can dream eh?~
Em liked the bunting, she said it was pinktastic!! it graced the table and it will end up in El's new new bedroom. My poor girl is moving house in the midst of this chaos. Shhhh dont tell her but she never fails to amaze me and make me proud of all the hard work she puts into her beautiful little family. She is my best friend as well as my daughter, its my wish for her that Eloise becomes her best friend as she grows up.

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em said...

Awww, thanks mum! x