Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A little Wensleydale

Not a lot of sleeping went on in my house last night..a few hours and the sound of a police helicopter woke me... they were obviously hunting someone, in fact the whole business was noisy and disturbing as their great light shone all over the garden and neighbours for almost an hour. blue lights and red every where.

Seems some ner do well had been stealing quad bikes and this time the police got their men. As for me I couldn't get back to sleep, I lay for an hour before giving up even trying. what better way to relax again than spinning? It was thinking of spinning that had stopped me returning to sleep so I got up and set too on some Wensleydale long wool I'd bought off the bay of E (I'm stealing that term off a girl on the accidentalsmallholder forums).

The long staple made it tricky for me, a new bump on my learning curve I managed a bit, a mix of getting enough spin in it and not having it fall apart and not over spun which I think I have a tendency to do,mind you once I have put it through fulling it looks pretty relaxed to me.

This morning after a nap (finally) I crocheted it up, since it was just a little sample I wanted to use it before it got lost, easy to do round here, I didnt ply it, since Id read that Wensleydale was worth a try for those wanting to have a go with singles, it didnt go too wild and tbh I was pleasantly surprised and a little proud of myself.

 for the stat lovers..I never measured it in yards ..LOL oops sorry.
WPI = 26 which sounds pretty thin to me so it did well to hold up I guess?

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