Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Temporary hiatus while my daughter and family decanted from the south and came back oop North.

I did a spot of baby sitting while they did a lot of packing (its good to be grandma)now that everything is calmer I might get back into routine. The babies and I would slope off to Ickworth and play, they have such wonderful old toys in warm sunny corners,that are just perfect for passing the time of day.  Ickworth is a National Trust property and with Em's membership card in hand, visits were well worth it.

I'd get a card myself if I lived close enough to Nat Trust properties.

"MMM Grandma is it sweety time yet?"

"Just evict these plastic horses and make room for my car"

That said I have been wasting a lot of time diligently washing Alpaca fleece, ryeland fleece and fluffing and spinning, so not too much sewing has taken place :( Didn't you know I was a serial obsessive?

Extravagantly I have ordered a drum carder from Classic Carders and excitedly await its arrival. It will be here on Friday ..Yippeeee..

Meanwhile even the hand carding lark is going quite well, I combed alpaca locks and mixed with some of my Ryeland and its spinning beautifully.

Phew its all so exhausting:)

I do love seeing my quilts put to good use.

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