Monday, 28 February 2011


I love how solids frame small patches of colour and pattern, I think thats why Im always drawn to the quilts with lots of white and lots of colour. Way back in the dark ages when I was at art school colour was pretty high on the learning agenda. Even as a potter colour plays a big part in creating. Colour hue and tone all just seem to zing that bit more when framed by a solid block of colour.

Just as the light in, say the south of France, influenced paintings done there the light in one part of the world seems to really have an affect of quilters choices of colour. Dreary old England seems to prod me in the direction of browns and creams, even though they are in no way my favourite colours. While many of the Aussie girls I have noticed use colours that seem so bright and sunny. I love the the pallet of Stina over at with her soft pinks and whites so typically Swedish.

There are of course plenty of exceptions to the rule but when you look around there is a definite trend that seems to affect quilters just as much as the painters who have gone before. Interesting huh?

As for me Im trying to get more colour in my life really I am!

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