Friday, 25 February 2011

Frugal with fabric

I have fabric envy. In fact my little heart beats faster at the very sight of other quilters piles of fabric. Bundles honeybuns jelly rolls and charm packs I want them all! That’s normal right?
As a frugal kinda girl, not out of choice I hasten to add, I stick in the main to hoarding precious fat quarters when and where I can get them. I flit from this fabric to that trying to decide which is the cannot live without pattern for my next project. Of course this means that I end up eking out this small supply by adding less designer fabrics and more old 100% cotton sheets and remnants where I can get them. So much as I’d love to fill these early posts with scrumptious piles of beautifully co-ordinated fabrics I’m gonna have to wait a while before I can sneak more than the smallest piece of loveliness into my small stash. Thankfully when a friend heard I was quilting she donated carrier bags full of vintage fabric scraps. One girls ugly is another girls just the right pattern and colour!

I’m happy to say a little sometimes goes a very long way!

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