Sunday, 27 February 2011


My sewing machine is a toyota.
Actually its probably one of the cheapest sewing machines ever bought new, I got it out of Woolworths before they vanished into the great recession in the sky. It sews its little heart out, though now every whirr and grindy noise has me nail biting incase its about to die.It gets a LOT of work for a cheap machine, £70 new. I really should start saving up now for a posher one. I do some machine quilting on it and it manages fine. The tension is always a bit of a mystery to me though but since Im still new to all this sewing with real electricity I put up with a lot and fiddle about more.

I have other toys Im also rather fond of. Got more than one odd look when I bought this baby from the local spring car boot sale. If my sewing machine is a girl this baby is a boy! he is all rarrrrrrrr and muscle and if he wasn't so weighty Id get him out more often. The other little guy is a maniac, he has got me into some tricky spots in his time. Literally. *grins* usually they involved floor boards and plumbing. But that's another story for another day.

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