Sunday, 27 February 2011

Guest post from Em.

My daughter is incredibly talented, a fantastic mum in her own right, a budding children's author, and a teacher, but she is also a self confessed technophobe. She asked why blog? Well in addition to a few pragmatic reasons I think, for me its because sewing, cat-babysitting, they are all fairly solitary pastimes so to blog is a little bit like chatting to unknown friends, sewing alone leave you with a lot of thinking time, machine zipping along, blocks adding up there is "wool gathering time" in this tiny corner of the blog-a-verse I can share those wandering thoughts. So here she is guesting on my blog, something I hope she will do more of!

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My mum bought me a sewing machine for Christmas in a shameless effort to get me involved in her quilting passion. It’s not that I’ve never used a sewing machine but following a sewing disaster during my time at secondary school I’ve avoided the electric variety in favour of my old hand crank Singer.

The disaster in question, I feel, was one that could have happened to anyone. After weeks of designing, measuring and cutting, my technology teacher finally allowed me to use one of the school machines. I sat down, heart fluttering, getting myself into position, when the instruction came, “Put the foot down.”

Now, as an adult, I now know that the ‘foot’ in question, is a metal bit attached to the machine. However, as a thirteen year old girl the only foot I knew about was the one attached to the end of my leg. And so I did put my foot down.

My teacher screaming at me to put ‘the foot down’ not ‘my foot down’ did nothing but confuse and panic me as I watched my work turn into a crumpled, over stitched mess.

What did I learn from those lessons? How to use an unpicker!


Anonymous said...

Wow.. that's the first thing I would have thought of too.. BTW.. I love your Yota... bet he sews like a champ! Thanks for visiting my blog.. loved yours!

Quiltycats said...

Thank you, hopefully I won't bore folk :)